Core mistakes people make while using hashtags on social media

Hashtags have started to become an important aspect of our lives. The usage of social media is increasing day by day. Isn't it? We spend maximum time on social media by checking timelines, tweeting, posting images, status updates on our profiles, surfing the web and so on. And today, hashtags are being used on every social media. 

Hashtags help in driving awareness, increase search-ability, tapping the trends, boosting engagement, gives us the ability to track & measure content's reach. It has various benefits depending upon how its being used. If used properly, hashtags can be an excellent way to boost & track exposure. But many people make mistakes when it comes to the usage of hashtags on social media, such as:

  • Include spaces, punctuations & symbols in hashtags
    Hashtags can contain single word or combination of many words or phrases but must not contain space. Only symbol that can be included in hashtag is #.
  • Fail to come up with unique hashtags
    Its not difficult to come up with unique hashtags. But just to save the effort of searching, many times people come up with hashtags which are already in use. If you are planning to measure the engagement & reach of your content related to that hashtag which is already being used, it wont give you accurate figures. Hence unique hashtags are important. Before coming up with hashtags of your own, make sure to check whether that hashtag is being used by others or not. If you use a unique hashtag, it will help you in measuring your social media content, live event's reach & engagement, track conversations.
  • Try to hijack hashtags
    We often see that whenever a hashtag starts to trend on social media, many outsiders try to post content with that hashtag which is not even related. Just to gain visibility, others try to post links to their website, blog, pages with the hashtags used by others & try to take over. 

Understanding hashtags & its benefits is very important. But overusing is not a good practice either. Try to avoid these mistakes & I hope this may help you in your social media strategy in the future.