How to convert website visitors into customers

So finally your blog/website have started to receive decent or great amount of traffic. That's a good news. Now the next question you will have in mind "How shall I convert website visitors into customers?" Right?

We all have tried to find answer to this question & trust me, I also tried to find out. And hence am sharing few tips that you can implement to get more leads and customers from your blog/website.

  • Start creating content that people want to read & will eventually give them an opportunity to engage/relate with the content itself
    Creating content just for the sake of getting higher position on Google searches wont work for a long run. Spice up your content with creative graphics, infographics, videos.  Read more industry updates/happenings to stay up-to-date with the trends which will give you an idea on what is working & what is not. And not to forget, do respond & interact with the people who took time in commenting on your posts.
  • Its your website/blog, so don't miss the marketing part of it
    "Word of mouth is the most valuable form of marketing, but you can't buy it. You can only deliver it. And you have to really deliver." ~ Gerald Earl GillumDo not hesitate to promote your services on your blog/website. But at the same time do not push your services as if you are hammering them. Offers & promotions does attract eyeballs. Place some attractive banners on your blog/website. Be active on your social media networks. Make sure your bio has your professional expertise mentioned. Do cross promote your blog/website content on those networks. After-all if you don't let people know about your expertise, how will they ever come to know?
  • Call-to-action is very important
    If you aren't aware, there are tools available which can help in creating super awesome call-to-action gestures and can easily be integrated on the blog/website which eventually will help in increasing the traffic, subscriber list & social media reach. Some of them which I have been using are as follows:
  • Hello Bar (Free & Paid option available)
    Point visitors to your latest deal, bargain, or giveaway. Encourage mobile visitors to give you a ring. Convert one-time visits into lasting connections. Expand your social reach to maximize word of mouth.
  • SumoMe (Free & Paid option available)
    Grow subscriber list Social sharing Contact form Heat maps Google Analytics Image sharer Content Analytics
  • Icegram (Free & Paid option available)
    Its the best all-in-one Free WordPress plugin for onsite visitor engagement using popups, header / footer bars, notifications, messengers
  • Study your website visitors' behavior via Google Analytics
    Its very important to learn & study your blog/website visitors' behavior. Google Analytics is the best option we have which can be explored in depth in knowing more about the visitors. Find out from which traffic sources they are landing on your blog/website. See which of your content is getting more traffic so as you can plan your content accordingly.

Its all about self learning & implementing, tweaking it as per our needs. I hope this article will lead you to a direction in converting your blog/website visitors into customers. If any assistance required, feel free to drop me a message.