How to create WordPress blog quickly

Which blogging platform to use? Is Blogger better or WordPress? Is self hosted WordPress option better? These are the frequent questions people normally ask me. WordPress option works better for most of the bloggers. And why not, it gives complete control & freedom when it comes to playing around with its technical aspects, themes, design, widgets & plugins. It gives that liberty of tweaking the blog as per our needs. With the help of SEO plugins it allows us to make the blog search engine friendly which ultimately helps in increasing search engine traffic.

So if you are that someone who has been blogging as a hobby & now wants to professionally take up blogging, explore monetizing benefits, then its time for you to switch to self hosted WordPress platform. Of-course, self-hosted WordPress option does not comes for free. You will have to pay for the domain & web hosting service. But the freedom & satisfaction you will get in tweaking your blog as per your requirement, will be phenomenal. And most importantly you will be having control of the blog & images as they will be stored on your hosted server.

Creating a self-hosted WordPress blog is easy and these days many hosting companies allow pre-installation of WordPress while registering web hosting account. Same goes with Host Zeon. Register your web hosting account with Host Zeon, make sure you use my coupon code which will give you 10% discount for the first year. And yes, domain name comes free with every plan.

  • Choose a web hosting plan
    Web hosting is a must for self-hosted WordPress installation. Select a web hosting plan as per your requirement (whether you want to host 1, 5 or unlimited domains). Starter plan mostly works for those who are eager to host one blog.
  • Choose a pre-installed application
    While selecting the application, choose WordPress from the list. This will install WordPress for you.
  • Choose your domain name
    Its best to have 3-5 domain name options before you finalize, to avoid disappointment.
  • Fill in required details
    Its very important to submit your details to your web hosting company because those details will be associated with your domain under Whois report.

Once this process is completed, you will receive an email with your account login details. You may also get a call from the web hosting provider to verify your account. Don't forget to login to your WordPress account to begin with customizing your favorite theme.

Happy WordPress'ing! If any doubts, feel free to get in touch with me.