How to gain followers on Instagram

Let's face the truth that Instagram is catching up. More and more people are getting on Instagram. And brands are also actively using Instagram to reach out to their audience. But what is the point of posting great photos if you don't have followers to engage with your posts on Instagram?

How to gain followers on Instagram

Its time to be practical & hence here are some of the effective ways on how you can gain followers on Instagram:

  • Don't underestimate hashtags
    Hashtags help a lot when it comes to getting your posts noticed on Instagram. Checkout this tool "Websta". Its one of the tools which gives an idea about top 100 hashtags & top 100 profiles on Instagram. Include hashtags that are relevant to your post. And most importantly don't abuse the freedom of using hashtags by adding way too many hashtags. Include a short description & add max 5-6 hashtags to go with the post. That will be good enough to get your photos noticed among the crowd.
  • Follow people you know first
    Its best to begin with following people you know because they are the ones who are likely to follow you back. Be it your friends, colleagues, family members, don't hesitate to follow them first.
  • Connect your Instagram to your Facebook & Twitter accounts
    By connecting your Instagram to Twitter & Facebook will allow Instagram to cross share your posts at the same time. Seeing your Instagram posts on Twitter & Facebook, people will start following you.
  • Make the most of the "Search" tab
    The second tab from the left in the Instagram app is "Search" tab. You will see posts on the basis of people you follow. Start liking/commenting on the photos that appear in that tab & don't forget to follow them after engaging with their post. Unless you take that first step of engaging with other people, they are not going to notice you. So leave the ego aside & take that first step.
  • Start following "Suggested Users"
    If you go on someone's profile, you will see a green tab with an arrow on the right. Tap that arrow & you will see suggested users. Start engaging with those profiles by liking, commenting on their posts & don't forget to follow them. Avoid spamming. Make a habit of liking & commenting on 2-3 photos. Don't overdo it. Be cautious, as following many profiles at one go can get you on Instagram's radar. So keep it low. Try to engage with 2-3 photos per 5-10 profiles daily.
  • Keep engaging with your followers
    Its very important to keep interacting with the people who are following you. This will help in sustaining the followers & build a rapport. If you avoid interacting with them, you might be losing followers.
  • Promote your Instagram profile on other networks
    Its your profile & you can do whatever you want. No one is going to pull a trigger on you for promoting your own profile. So ask others to follow you on Instagram.
  • Be active in posting
    We get busy with our schedule but make a habit of posting 2-3 images a week to begin with. Just don’t abandon your profile. Your followers might unfollow you seeing no activity on your Instagram profile.

There are lot of services these days which are offering followers for a certain fee. But its best to stay away from such. It will give you good number of followers but wont give engagement because they will be bots, fake profiles following you. So, that will be a total waste of money. Invest some time by following these tips & you will start seeing positive results.

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