How to get Google to index your blog quickly

Google, we all are aware of it. Every blog owner wants their blog to be picked up by Google quickly in order to be seen by many people. True! There are certain steps to be followed in order to attract Googlebot to your blog so the content can be crawled & indexed by Google.

The steps are as follows:

  • Install Google Analytics
    Integrate Google Analytics code on your blog so it will help you keep a track of your blog's traffic source & performance.
  • Create a sitemap
    Sitemap is nothing but an xml document that needs to be present on your hosting server where the blog is installed which then becomes accessible to search engine crawlers. You can create a sitemap with the help of XML Sitemaps Generator or if you are on a self hosted WordPress platform then simply install this Google XML Sitemaps plugin which will automatically create a sitemap & also keep updating it along with submitting the blog to search engines.
  • Signup for Google Webmasters Tool
    Create an account on Google Webmasters & add your blog property on it. Under sitemaps, add the sitemap (.xml file) you created with the help of XML Sitemaps Generator.Google Webmaters Tool keeps a track of the keywords performance & will let you know which all keywords are working for your blog or not so you can work on the keywords in order to perform well. It monitors the blog's link profile, send out alerts related to your blog's issues if any & also identifies any broken links if any.
  • Submit blog url to search engines
    Its your blog so you won't mind taking some efforts to submit your blog url to search engines. Submitting url to Google is easy. Simply login to your Google account. Go to Submit Url & do the needful. If you want to submit your url to many other search engines then checkout Entireweb's Free Submission service.

Even small steps do matter a lot. So make sure you add your blog url in all the bio's of your social media profiles . And do keep sharing your blog links on those social media platforms. This way the traffic to your blog will increase.

Tip: Want to check if your blog is indexed by Google or not? Then simply search "site:yoururl.(extension of your blog)" on Google.

Still need help? You can get in touch with me if any assistance is required.