How to make the most out of Instagram?

We all know about Instagram. There would be very less percentage of people around who might be not knowing about it. Well, if you are new to Instagram or maybe you are on it for a while but still want to make the most out of Instagram, then here are some of the tips which I religiously follow:

Why to keep the profile inactive if you have created it? Make sure you are consistent in your posts. Having a huge gap between your two posts will not build interest among the people who wish to follow you or the ones who are already following you.

  • Complete your profile by filling out all the details.
  • Discover people from the Search tab. It will also show posts of people on the basis of people you follow. Liking & commenting on the photos will get your profile noticed.
  • Make sure you capture interesting photos & give appropriate filters to enhance your posts. If you are designing posts suitable for Instagram for your brand, make sure you don’t clutter it with too much of text on the post.
  • When writing down the copy for your post, make sure you keep it short & sweet. No one has that leisure time to read an essay.
  • Hashtags rule on Instagram. Pick suitable hashtags related to your post and include them in the copy of your post. Including 4-6 hashtags per post works well. Do not clutter your post with too many hashtags.
  • Avoid unnecessary tagging of profiles. Only tag the ones who you see in the post.
  • Interacting with the people who comment on your post increases the genuineness of the profile.
  • If you are a brand, holding an Instagram contest will help in building a good follower base & will increase traction.
  • Cross promote your Instagram profile on other social platforms. This will help in gaining your follower base.

Hope these tips will be useful for you & will help in making the most out of Instagram. If you wish to connect with me on Instagram, feel free to follow me.