How to make the most out of Twitter lists

Heard of Twitter lists? Am sure those active on Twitter must be aware of it. Twitter lists was launched in 2009. Since then it only allowed up to 20 lists to be created per user account and each one was limited to 500 accounts. But on May 30, 2013 as per their tweet, now users can create upto 1,000 lists & it can include upto 5,000 accounts per list.

If you follow too many people or you are looking forward to cope with the interactions with the people you know and don’t wish to miss any updates from them, then Twitter lists can be very useful. There are many ways to tweak your Twitter experience with the help of Twitter lists. I personally rely on it. How? Here I share some of the ideas on how you can use Twitter lists.

  • If you own a business, create a list where in you can include all the employees under that list.
  • You meet a lot of people offline? Make a dedicated list for it and include all those people you have met from Twitter in that list (I do follow this religiously).
  • Those follow way too many people on Twitter, creating a dedicated list of those people who interact with you is the best option (I do follow this religiously).
  • You attend many events, conferences? Create a special list for the people who attend such events.
  • On Twitter there are many hashtags related to weekly chat, where in people within the community come together & interact. A list dedicated to such communities can be very useful.
  • You are a service provider? Why not create a list which will include your target audience or consumers.
  • You are generous enough to recommend other people to your followers to follow them? Having a dedicated list for this category can do wonders.
  • Have a unique list of influencers so you can interact with them frequently to get yourself noticed.
  • Why to avoid competitors? Include your competitors in a list and you can keep a track of their updates.
  • Industry-wise list can be a great option.
  • Need to keep a track of your favorite celebrities? Have a dedicated list for it.
  • You follow international people on Twitter too? Location dedicated list can be also created.
  • There are lots of rotation curation handles these days. Have a dedicated list for rotation curation accounts so as you will get the updates from new curators every week and it will be a great option to connect with them (I do follow this religiously).
  • Keep a dedicated list for your friends & family.

These are just the options for Twitter lists topics. You can create your own Twitter list as per your preferable topics. Twitter is all about interactions (At-least I think so) & Twitter lists is helping me to stay connected with the people around.

So have you started to manage your Twitter lists yet?