How to optimize YouTube videos to increase views

Nowadays we are seeing a lot of people using YouTube for showcasing their talent. YouTube as a medium is not restricted to a certain genre these days. Video content is being appreciated & consumed by many people & the phenomenon of viewership is increasing day by day.

YouTube is also one of the social networking websites which gives users the ability to watch, share, like & comment on videos. And many YouTubers have found the way to be successful & have taken their YouTube channels to new heights of popularity & monetization. Thanks to the ability of optimizing YouTube videos for better exposure & views.

Optimizing YouTube videos is not a rocket science but by putting some extra efforts while uploading the videos on the channel, indeed makes a difference. Normally what people do is upload videos to their YouTube channel without optimizing it & expect that their video views will increase. It does not happen this way. Competition on YouTube is increasing day by day just like other social networks. Every YouTuber is in the race of gaining viewership & loyal audience. Two aspects plays important role in taking the YouTube channel to greater heights, such as optimizing & the way how you present the video on your channel in order to make the visitors stay. But optimizing also is important and when it comes to optimization, these are the pointers to be taken care of:

  • Title
    If you are a blogger, you must be picking the perfect title suitable for your post, right? Same goes for the videos. Suitable title is a must in order to grab attention.
  • Description
    Same as title, description also plays an important role in grabbing attention. Make sure you add the description with relevant keywords for every video you upload because normally people tend to read first 2 sentences because YouTube displays 2 sentences in the search results along with the title.
  • Tags
    Just like you add tags to your blog post while optimizing it, same goes for the videos. Try to use tags to describe your video along with the most relevant keywords. Long tail keywords are also allowed.

Once the title, description & tags are added, publish the video & keep a track of the views. Its not going to increase immediately. It will be an ongoing process of updating the title, description & tags to enhance the visibility of the videos in searches. Do not forget to share YouTube videos on your social channels frequently. This way you will be able to increase your views initially.

Along with optimization, its also important how you manage to make people stay on your channel. YouTube has great features & tools when it comes to adding annotations, call to action apart from editing & effects addition. It all depends on the treatment given to the videos.

So, happy YouTube'ing. If you have a YouTube channel, do share the link with me. I would love to have a look.