How to promote your blog on social media

You, as blogger spend your valuable sweet time in writing posts for your blog. Myself being a blogger too, I understand how much effort goes into writing, editing and cross-checking every post before publishing. It takes time I agree. Like every blogger even you wish that your blog posts should reach out to as many audience, your posts should be shared, your posts should get much attention & appreciation from the audience. But are you taking any efforts in promoting your blog?

How to promote your blog on social media

Well, and why not? Its your blog & you have the right to spread the word about it. So don't take a backseat when it comes to promoting your blog. Its not tough. These days social media is the best medium to promote your blog.

  • Identify your audience on social media
    Try to find out on which social media platforms your audience is active. In most of the scenarios, Twitter & Facebook are the platforms normally bloggers use a lot these days. If you also post about topics related to corporate world, business, an expertise then LinkedIn can be an additional platform to look at. Blogging communities like Indiblogger & Blogadda are best when it comes to reaching out to other bloggers. I normally concentrate on Twitter, Facebook, Indiblogger & Linkedin Pulse. But Google+ can also be explored.
  • Share your blog post links more than once
    Depending on which social media platform you are on, try to post your blog links more than once. But do not over push it. That might trigger some spark between you and your friends on social media. Do not post too many links of your blog post in less span of time.

Time also plays an important role. Its very necessary to find out during what time your audience is online or during what time you think you will get decent amount of traction to your blog post links. Also avoid posting same context every time. Try to come up with variations in the headlines while posting. Make full use of relevant hashtags when posting on Twitter.

  • Start using tools
    Like I said, posting just once won't work. And posting more than once will be time consuming. I normally use few tools which ease my time. The tools that I use are as follows:

- Buffer
Buffer is a good tool when it comes to sharing on social media profiles. It also has analytics feature which gives you a decent idea on how your posts did. This tool I normally use to post my blog links on Twitter & Facebook.

IFTTT stands for "IF THIS THEN THAT". It is a free web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called "recipes", which are triggered based on changes to other web services. When it comes to IFTTT, I normally use RSS feeds & Twitter recipe. It allows me to connect my RSS feed of my blog to my Twitter. So as soon as new posts are visible in the feed, IFTTT triggers it and tweets on my timeline. This tool I normally use to post my blog links on Twitter.

- is somewhat similar to IFTTT but only restricted to connecting RSS feeds to the social media profiles. Here you can set parameter of intervals. When do you want to check for new feeds in your blog's RSS & share it on your social media profiles. This tool I normally use to post my blog links on Twitter.

Tweet Old Post (WordPress plugin)
If your blog is on a self hosted WordPress platform then this plugin will make sense. Like its name, it gives total justice to its purpose. You can set parameters of frequency, blog categories to watch/avoid, age of the posts & it does the rest. This tool I normally use to post my blog links on Twitter.

But all these will make sense only when you set a frequency of publishing new blog posts on your blog. You don't want to keep posting old blog post links on your social media profiles and give your friends a reason to backslash on you. So try to come up with 1-2 blog posts a week.

I hope by now you must have got a decent direction on how to promote your blog on social media. Happy blogging & happy promoting it.