Reasons why people aren't reading your blog

After looking at your Google Analytics report you would probably be asking yourself "What's wrong? Why people aren't reading my blog? Am I falling short in efforts to drive people towards my blog?" Right? Those who have already figured out the way to convince people to read their blogs, are the ones who are happy with their current readership & traffic. Let's not talk about them.


Here I am pointing out few basic reasons to why probably people aren't reading your blog.

  • Publishing generic content
    A lot of generic content is out there for people to read & if you are also providing the same then why would one be eager to read on your blog instead of on other blog? 
  • You might not be consistent
    Do you follow a routine when it comes to publishing your blog posts? How often do you publish posts in a week, or in a month? Do you post them on specific days? I agree we do have busy routine apart from blogging. Not being consistent will make your blog look dead. Being consistent will help you to sustain the readers as they will come back to your blog frequently.
  • You might not be sharing your posts on social media frequently
    Depending on which social media platform you are on, try to post your blog links more than once. But do not over push it. Its very necessary to find out during what time your audience is online or during what time you think you will get decent amount of traction to your blog post links. Also avoid posting same context every time. Try to come up with variations in the headlines while posting. Make full use of relevant hashtags while posting on Twitter.
  • Confused navigation
    When it comes to navigation, make sure you have selective links visible on the header & sidebar of your blog. It will help in setting up the reading flow & will not confuse the reader.
  • Not taking any efforts to grow your email subscribers list
    Email subscribers list plays a vital role in bringing your readers to your blog frequently. 

What are the other ways you implement in order to bring more visitors to your blog? I would love to hear it from you.