These 3 IFTTT recipes will help you manage your Twitter lists seamlessly

Are you aware of IFTTT service? If not, then here’s something you should know about it. IFTTT stands for “IF THIS THAN THAT”. It is a free web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called “recipes” which helps in automating web-application tasks.

IFTTT Lists Recipes

If you are on Twitter then probably you must be aware of Twitter lists. If you are following many people on Twitter & don't wan't to miss your favorite people's conversations then Twitter list is the best option. I follow a lot of people on Twitter & personally use Twitter lists to keep in touch with my favorite people so I don't miss reading their tweets. But to manage Twitter lists on a regular basis becomes tedious. Hence with the help of these IFTTT recipes I manage my Twitter lists seamlessly:

Tip: Make sure you keep these twitter lists to private in order to avoid sending notifications to them about they being added to your list as these notifications go on repeat mode every time the action takes place & this might irritate them.

I hope these IFTTT recipes will make a difference in your Twitter activities specially when it comes to managing Twitter lists. If you happen to try any of these recipes, feel free to share your reviews with me.