Tips on how to make your blog visitors stay longer

Every blogger's ultimate dream: their blog posts should be read by as many people, their blog should be appreciated. If you are a blogger then you will agree with me on how tough it is to push your blog posts to the right audience. If your blog is a business blog, then you will obviously want to convert your visitors into sales. But that is something which will happen once your traffic increases, more importantly when your visitors stay on your blog for longer period of time.


Here are some of the tips which will help you to keep your visitors of your blog for longer period of time:

  • Visual appeal plays a vital role
    Simplified, clutter-free look will make a huge difference. 
  • Content should be the hero
    Emphasize more on the content of your blog. Use catchy headline & suitable imagery for every blog post. Check the alignment & make sure you keep one standard alignment throughout. Avoid grammatical errors. Do not add annoying popups, flashy banners as they would annoy visitors & they would just close the tab & move away from your blog.
  • Easy navigation will set the flow
    When it comes to navigation, make sure you have selective links visible on the header & sidebar of your blog. When it comes to reading, it will help in setting up the reading flow & will not confuse the reader.
  • Focus on internal linking of your content
    If you are publishing your posts frequently then you will have many blog posts under your blog. Wherever necessary, make sure you link the content to your another blog post. For example: If you see my first bullet point, I have linked the point to another relevant blog post which I had written few days ago. This way it becomes easy for the visitor to navigate from one blog post to another. But make sure the link is set to open in another tab, so the visitor can switch to that post after reading the current blog post.
  • Activate Jetpack's "Related Posts" feature
    "Related Posts" from Jetpack on WordPress shows additional relevant links from your blog posts under your posts. If the feature is enabled, links appear underneath your sharing buttons and likes (if you’ve turned these on). This will increase the chances of visitor navigating to your other blog posts.
  • Integrate header bars
    There are several services like Hello Bar, SumoMe & Icegram which helps in installing header bar on your blog. If you see on my blog, there is a bar which says "Latest on my blog:.......". In most of the scenarios this helps in engaging the visitor & promptly allowing them to read another blog post from your blog.
  • Work on your content
    As a blogger be ready to cover various topics. Spend some time in researching about what people like to read the most, what type of content they would want to consume. If the blogger is able tackle this, then there would be no looking back.

All these pointers I have tested on my blog. I hope this post will bring some change in your blog's analytics report. And yes, make sure to keep an eye on your Google Analytics!