Tweak your Linkedin profile to be found in Linkedin searches

Linkedin is still considered to be the world's largest professional network. I believe that its the best networking option we have when it comes to networking with professionals, building contacts, search jobs, find right candidates for the job & growing our visibility in the professional sphere. More & more people are getting towards Linkedin to grow their network but still many of us don't really make the most of it when it comes to building their Linkedin profile. Also many fail to understand that a well optimized Linkedin profile can help you in getting found on Linkedin searches.


We create profile on Linkedin so that we can stay in touch with our professional contacts, build more connections or to find a better opportunity. But do you know that while you are searching for better connections, opportunities on Linkedin, others are doing the same too? Here I am listing some tips on how you can tweak your Linkedin profile & get noticed.

  • Add your photo
    The first thing people notice about your profile is your photo. So to avoid getting questions raised about your identity its best to add your own photo which is decent & not a graphic or someone's else's photo & then proceed with the tweaking of your Linkedin profile.

Now lets get on to the tweaking task! Certain fields such as professional headline, summary, position title-description under experience & interests under additional info on our Linkedin profile are search friendly.

  • Write a professional headline that will speak for yourselves
    If you see the space underneath your name on your Linkedin profile, that's the professional headline. Make sure you mention about your profession & not your title & the company name. Be creative because keywords mentioned in the professional headline tends to appear in Linkedin searches. List the keywords which you want others to find you & add those in your professional headline.
  • Be generous while adding the summary
    Let the summary speak about you, who you are & what value you can bring to your network, company in professional way. Include keywords that are relevant to your profession & also which will help you in getting noticed. Don't just add keywords just for sake of adding. Include keywords in appropriate sentences.
  • List all your positions
    Its best to list all the companies you have worked with along with the title & description because the keywords will help your profile to appear in searches. Colleagues & recruiters are always on constant lookout to connect with co-workers & candidates respectively so not listing the companies you have worked with can limit your purpose of getting noticed.
  • Don't leave your interests field untouched
    Just like professional headline, summary & work experience fields, interests field is also search friendly. So add keywords related to your interest but avoid spamming by adding too many.
  • Grow your network
    If you search keywords related to any profession on Linkedin you will notice that Linkedin shows people from your network first (1st tier connections & then 2nd tier connections). So the more connections you have the more search results you will appear in under 1st tier connections in that respective search. So jumpstart your connecting activity.

I hope these tips can help you in growing your network & also help you in getting noticed.