Use Twitter like a pro with these keyboard shortcuts

If you are a newbie or pro at using Twitter, I will assume that not many of you must be aware that there are some keyboard shortcuts which are helpful & also saves time in navigating Twitter.

Shortcut sign

So to make things easier, I am listing these keyboard shortcuts:

  • N - Compose a new tweet
  • J - Move to the next tweet
  • K - Move to the previous tweet
  • F - Favorite a tweet (Like a tweet)
  • T - Retweet a tweet
  • R - Reply to a tweet
  • M - Send a direct message
  • U - Mute a user
  • B - Block a user
  • Enter - Open tweet in detail
  • / - Go to search field
  • Cntrl + Enter - To send a tweet
  • Space - To scroll down the page
  • . - To load new tweets & take you to the top of the page
  • G & then H - Go directly to the home screen from anywhere
  • G & then N - Check notifications
  • G & then R - Check mentions
  • G & then P - Go to your profile
  • G & then L - Go to your Likes tab
  • G & I - Go to your lists
  • G & then M - Go to your direct messages tab
  • G & S - Go to settings
  • G & U - Opens a tab so you can go to any person's profile

I know these shortcuts are slight tough to remember but you can consider these as a general knowledge or if you tend to use it in your daily Twitter usage like me then am sure it will be helpful for you too. Which of these you think are easy to remember?