Why Twitter chats are worth of your time

Which was the first Twitter chat you participated? I remember, the very first Twitter chat I had participated was #blogchat by Mack Collier which still happens on every Sunday 8PM Central Time. Later as months passed by, there came the trend of Twitter chats & many chats started to happen on a regular basis. And today, we all know the fact that Twitter chats happen frequently.

Why Twitterchats are worth of your time

These days I participate in #bufferchat every Wednesday 4PM AEST & 9AM PT & #cfchat every Thursday 12.30PM EDT mostly. These chats have helped me a lot in reaching out to many people. Also some of the Twitter chats managed by some good people I know are #SY5Chat on every Tuesday 9.30PM IST, #RubhuSocial on every Tuesday  3PM IST, #SEOTalk on every Monday 8.30PM IST, #blogchatter every Wednesday 8.30PM IST are worth participating. I know there are many Twitter chats happening these days and to keep a tab on all of them becomes difficult.

Even if I am unable to participate in the chats, I do keep a tab on the schedule & the hashtags with the help of these awesome sources:

But is it worth to participate in Twitter chats? Well, the answer is yes. It helps in many aspects.

  • Connecting with like-minded people Its very important to connect with people who share the same passion, profession like you. They are the ones you will feel connected to. Sounds cliche, isn't it? But its true. As you become a frequent Twitter chats participant, you will end up having great amount of people interacting with you on a regular basis.
  • Increase your followers Once you start participating in Twitter chats frequently, you will be interacting with many people on regular basis. This way it will help you in building connection which ultimately will help in getting followers. But also make sure you take the first step of following the ones who you are interacting. That first step matters the most.
  • Your opinions, suggestions will be heard Twitter chats are not just a mode of receiving information. They are also a medium where you can share your opinions, suggestions, expertise with other people.
  • You will be building your own community You will have a community of your own which will be growing day by day. And this community will be just one tweet away from you & will always be ready to guide, promote, share knowledge & even participate in your very own Twitter chat if you happen to be courageous to start your own in the future.

Do you participate in Twitter chats? If so then why? Which are your favorite Twitter chats? Do share. I would be keen to know your views too.