Why you should start publishing on Linkedin Pulse

If you are on LinkedIn then probably you would be getting notifications like "So & so published a new post....". Well, that's LinkedIn Pulse. On Feb 19, 2014 LinkedIn announced that it made the publishing platform available for all its members. Earlier only influencers were able to post articles on Pulse.


Every blogger knows how much efforts goes into selecting a topic, writing about it, editing, crosschecking & optimizing the same for better visibility in search engines before publishing. Also building a loyal readership for your blog is not easy. It takes time. And to build an industry specific/corporate readership is even more tough.

There are many bloggers who aren't aware of the benefits of publishing the posts on LinkedIn Pulse. It doesn't mean that you should be posting every possible generic posts there. Make a habit of publishing only those posts which you think can be useful for your industry professionals. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Get recognized among the industry professionals
    ur posts will reach out to the industry professionals. This in a way will authenticate your skills, talent & help you emerge as a true professional in your industry. Every post that you will publish, will get listed on your LinkedIn profile which will be visible to your profile visitors.
  • Possibilities of taking networking to next level
    LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. Seeing you publish frequently on LinkedIn Pulse will get you recognition, trust & also your profile will be noticed by many other professionals. I have started to publish frequently on LinkedIn Pulse & since then I am seeing my profile views are increased, have started to receive frequent connection requests, including few guest blogging requests & people have started to reach out to me for professional advice regarding digital marketing / social media marketing.
  • Visibility in search engines
    Linkedin receives huge amount of traffic. The Alexa rank of Linkedin was 17 (As checked on March 23, 2016). It received almost 909.40M visits in the month of February, 2016. Google index Linkedin Pulse's pages quickly as it is a very search engine friendly platform & hence the articles posted on Linkedin Pulse appear in Google searches very often.

As a blogger you should be publishing posts on your blog by default but also start publishing the posts on other platforms too. So if you have not started to publish on Linkedin Pulse, its time to begin. Better late than never.