iChef Review: The gourmet cooking experience with ready to cook meal kits

I had got an opportunity to try out iChef.in‘s ready to cook meal kits. iChef.in is a service which delivers Gourmet ready to cook meal kits which includes everything. Right from the ingredients (well tagged & in right portions just as much required for that recipe), step by step recipe cooking method in a very decently packed box except salt, pepper & the utensils which every kitchen is equipped with). It also comes with an ice pack which allows the ingredients to stay fresh for 24 hours without refrigeration. Once the kit is delivered, it has to be stored in refrigerator & to be cooked within 5 days after the delivery.

Many at times it happens that we want to cook but aren’t aware of the recipe method or we feel lazy to go out in the market & grab all the ingredients. We all have our own busy schedules and we end up ordering food from a nearby restaurant or we head to a restaurant to grab a bite. But for those who really want to cook a Gourmet recipe in their kitchen, iChef.in is the option.

The two recipe kits which I tried:

Conchiglioni with Corn Cheese Balls (Veg)

Thai Grapefruit Salad (Veg)

This is how the Thai Grapefruit Salad turned up in just 15 mins of cooking. It was indeed healthy & yet tasty. The salad was easily manageable between 3 people. Every ingredient was utilized to make this dish & nothing got wasted. Interesting part is that they keep changing their menu so they are never out of variety. One needs to just check their website for the menu. Either place the order straight from their website or they are just a phone call away (022-65680555). Currently they deliver all across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane with 2 delivery slots (11AM – 1PM). The cutoff time is 7AM the same day & (6PM – 9PM). The cutoff time is 1PM the same day. The orders placed after 1PM are delivered in the next morning slot. Overall it was a great experience when it came to experimenting in the kitchen with the help of iChef.in‘s ready to cook meal kits. Give it a try guys. So if you do try their recipe kits, do let me know how they turn up.

Burp-O-Meter: 3.5/5