Tea and Conversations Cafe Review: Cute & pocket friendly cafe

The culture & the trend of tea cafes is dominantly catching up these days. Many tea cafes are opening & must say that Mulund in Mumbai gets a cute little tea cafe called “Tea and Conversations” which serves only veg menu. The name itself says it all. Its a treat for all youngsters who love having conversations over some delicious food & tea.

Its a cosy, cute little cafe situated in the lane right opposite to Johnson & Johnson in Mulund West. From the outside itself it tends to give an idea about its interiors & the look & feel because of the vibrant appeal they have managed to bring to the cafe.

The cosy ambiance was welcomimg. Good thing about this place is that the interiors are done with proper planning & one can easily sense about the amount of creativity that must have gone into the planning & the execution.

The look & feel of the cafe is positive, energetic & lively. Every wall has its own unique identity, thanks to the mugs, post-it notes, posters & books shelf installations on the walls.

I tried:

Tiramisu MilkshakeIt was as if whole Tiramisu was converted into milkshake. Very different & unique.

Saffron & Cream MilkshakeThe blend of Saffron & Cream made this milkshake worthy.

Garlic Bread with Melted Cheese Nothing has to go wrong with Garlic bread & cheese and these guys did managed to take this to another level by adding melted cheese over the bread which ultimately gave the happiness of cheese in every bite. Its one of their specialty.

French Fries with Assorted Dips - Generous amount of hot piping french fries with variety of assorted dips like Mayo, Schezwan, Garlic, Salsa, Coriander Garlic, Mint Mayo uplifted the texture & taste of the fries. This is also one of their specialty.

Chocolate Pizza - I have tasted Chocolate Grill Sandwich before at various places but chocolate pizza caught my attention. They offer pizzas in 7″ & 10″ base options. The pizza came with chocolate crust topping with Mozzarella cheese, gems & choco chips. It was full of chocolate. If you have a sweet tooth, then its a must try.

As far as their rest of the menu goes, they have a wide variety of tea offerings as in Indian chai, Black teas, Green teas, Iced Teas. They also have tried to club coffee & milkshakes in their menu & its not just about teas. Their Chai Nashta menu includes Biscuits, Khaari, Toast, Bread Butter, Bun Maska, Bread – Jam/Cheese/Chutney, Bread & Baked Beans. Rest of menu includes snack items, Burgers, Pizzas, Sandwiches/ Grill, Waffles, Maggi & they also have Jain menu.

Personally I felt the cafe is small & it occupies approx 18-20 people at one time within that space. It also becomes noisy when it gets fully occupied. The owners are aware of the space limitations and they said they will be working on the same. But still the cafe is getting good response and on the evenings, specially on the weekends this cafe gets busy & the waiting list starts increasing. I also noticed many teenagers waiting outside the cafe for their turn. They even have board games & on request they assemble it on the tables. They have managed to crack the menu by considering the likes & dislikes of the youth & hence the menu is not heavy on the pocket which is indeed a positive aspect.

Burp-O-Meter: 4/5

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