Review: VERO Infuso single serve coffee capsule machine

If you are that someone who loves coffee to the core then you would be a frequent visitor to the coffee shops just like me. Yes! I take my coffee seriously and many times I love to visit coffee shops just to have an Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano or a Latte. But why coffee shops? I love the atmosphere & the ambiance of the coffee shops. Be it for work, meets or just pure indulgence, I love it. But many times I feel lazy to venture out and want that leisure of coffee indulgence at home itself. And now I can say, that opportunity is here.

Heard of coffee capsule machines? Yes! the trend of single serve coffee capsule machine is catching up in India. The latest entry in the market is VERO Infuso. Single serve coffee machines are those coffee brewing machines that prepares enough coffee for a single portion. And now that leisure of having Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano or a Latte at home becomes easy with VERO Infuso. These coffee capsule machines are simple to use and easy to clean.

Its been a week now am using VERO Infuso coffee capsule machine on a regular basis & must say that its very easy to use. The coffee machine has a good premium look & feel to it.

The VERO single serve coffee machine is priced at Rs. 9,999.00 which makes the machine fall into an entry level premium coffee machine category.

The coffee capsules has 4 variants such as Seven Seeds, Arabica 100%, Anamalais & Coorg Coffee. Each coffee capsule variant has an intensity rating & recipe diagram which in a way helps in making the perfect cuppa as per our choice. The coffee capsules come in packs of 10 and are priced between Rs. 290.00 to Rs. 390.00.

Love Cappuccino or Latte coffee? I love it & this VERO Milk Frother does the magic. It makes light & creamy froth in just few minutes at one touch of a button. It comes with an automatic switch-off feature, non stick inner surface which is easy to clean with water. The Vero Automatic Frother is priced at Rs. 3,499.00 and has to be purchased separately.

Now that I have this mode of indulgence handy at home, several rounds of Espresso shots & Cappuccino will be a regular affair.

Rating: 4/5