Avoid making these mistakes on Instagram

"Are you on Instagram? Follow me on Instagram. Its such a cool app to share photos. But first, let me post it on Instagram". We hear this so often these days. And why not, Instagram is indeed one of the best app for photo sharing.


Nowadays not only users but also the brands have started to become active on Instagram. And they have made the most out of it. But I have seen many users / brands still make some silly mistakes while using the app. Such mistakes can be avoided. What are these mistakes?

  •  Incomplete bio or no bio at all
    Many users / brands do not complete their bio or they easily avoid the bio section on the profile. Make sure you complete your bio on the profile so your profile visitors can get a better sense about you / your brand.
  • Setting the profile to private
    This I believe depends upon person to person but setting up your profile to private will bring up many restrictions in growing your Instagram profile. People would think several times before following a private account. Will you follow a private account? But it all depends upon you. If its an issue of privacy & you are okay with keeping your profile private, its your call. But if you are a brand, then keeping your profile private would be the biggest mistake.
  • Not using hashtags or overdoing it
    Usage of proper, popular hashtags related to your post will make your photos visible in the searches, traction will increase & also you will see a growth in the followers. But many users / brands do not use hashtags at all or some just overdo it. In many posts the hashtags are more than the information about that photo. As per my experience, using 4-5 hashtags works best.
  • Not being consistent in posting
    People are following you because they know you or they are interested in what you post. Expectations you see. So its best to post frequently. I can understand we get busy with our schedule but make a habit of posting 2-3 images a week to begin with. Just don't abandon your profile.
  • Bring variations in your posts
    Its your profile so you have full control of it. So grab the opportunity & make sure you post variety of photos. Do not just restrict to posting quotes, grids, selfies etc. Your profile visitors will think several times then before following you. Give them the reason to follow you.
  • Not following back
    People start following you because they are keen to check further updates from you. Start following people back after checking their posts. As a good gesture, like or comment on some of their photos after following them. If you know them, have interacted with them then make sure you follow them back. It doesn't mean that you have to follow the bots. Always give preference to genuine profiles.
  • Making grammatical errors
    It hardly takes any time to cross check for grammatical errors. Invest your time to correct errors if any. If someone is on your profile for the first time and notices grammatical errors, what impression will that make?
  • Not engaging with your followers
    If someone has commented on your post, make sure you also take some time in reciprocating. Interacting with the people who have commented on your post increases the genuineness of the profile. Do invest some time in liking, commenting on the photos you see on the timeline. Its a good practice.

I hope this post will be helpful & from this point your Instagram journey will be smooth & productive. If you aren't following me on Instagram, then do follow me. I am "nikhilwad" on Instagram.