Basic Twitter tips for beginners

More and more people (including brands) are getting on social media these days and to add, Twitter is one of the platform which is widely being explored. Twitter is considered to be the most interactive, fast paced & effective medium when it comes to connecting with the audience & promoting services.

Basic Twitter Tips

Twitter tips for beginners

Here I am putting down a list of basic Twitter tips for beginners which can be useful in accelerating Twitter activity.

  • Add a profile photo
    Personal profile: Add your photo (Yes, your own photo & not somebody's or any illustration or cartoon character). Brand profile: Add your brand's logo as a profile photo. Avoid being an egg-head.
  • Complete your bio
    Be it your own personal profile or your brand's profile, make sure you tell others more about you. What value you can bring to their network. Optimize your Twitter bio for the right keywords to be found on Twitter. For example, if you are blogger, make sure you add "blogger" keyword depending upon your forte. Because when someone searches via Twitter search feature, your profile will be in the search results for that specific keyword.
  • Follow to get followed
    Unless you are a well known face (celebrity), don't expect that people will start following you immediately. So make a habit of following people first.
  • Identify your audience
    Its very important to identify your audience so that you can initiate interaction (a follow, interact & build a rapport) with them. So decide on your audience & start acting. The audience can identified with the help of Twitter search or Followerwonk. Try to connect with people within your niche, profession, city, country.
  • Identify influencers
    f you are keen on getting noticed & letting others know about your presence then start identifying influencers who have good amount of followers & make a habit of interacting with them. Engage with them by retweeting, liking their tweets, tagging them in relevant tweets. This will register your presence on their radar & it will help in building a good rapport with them & you might end up getting a follow back too.
  • Don't forget to interact
    Make a habit of interacting with other users, retweeting & liking their tweets. By interacting with other people on Twitter, you will indirectly let others know about you being an active Twitter user.
  • Share relevant content
    If you are having plans to stay on Twitter for longer period of time & build your own network then do not hesitate to share relevant content. By this it will portray you as a contributor & you are the one who is keen to bring value to the community. Checkout tools like Feedly (you can integrate all rss feeds in one hub), Hootsuite Suggestions app, Twitterfeed, Buffer,, IFTTT which will ease your content sharing efforts.
  • Use Twitter applications
    Its easy to access Twitter via desktop/laptop/mobile or a tablet. Make use of Twitter applications which are convenient & user-friendly. Twitter official app, TweetDeck, & several third party apps are easily available to download.
  • Make use of hashtags
    Hashtags are discoverable on Twitter. They help in connecting with the target audience & also help in reaching out to them.
  • Don't forget to create Twitter lists
    Twitter lists will help you to stay in touch with the select people you wish to interact. There are many ways to tweak your Twitter experience with the help of Twitter lists. I personally rely on it. Checkout my previous post "How to make the most out of Twitter lists" to know more.
  • Use images & gifts
    Content with relevant images & gifs get more engagement in terms of clicks, retweets & likes. Make a habit of using images & gifs in the tweets to make your timeline look creative, interesting & not boring.
  • Be regular
    Don't abandon your profile. Be regular in posting tweets, interacting with people. Your followers might unfollow you if they see no activity on your Twitter profile after a certain span of time. So stay active.
  • Have patience
    Most importantly, be patient. Twitter is a great medium to build connections. It takes time to build a rapport with the audience but its worth every effort.

I hope these tips will be useful. If you happen to implement any of these tips, do share your views.