Common blogging mistakes most bloggers make

When it comes to blogging, I have seen many people stepping into blogging arena with full of excitement & energy. And why not, the excitement & energy has to be there when you are starting something new. But in this excitement many people make simple mistakes and such mistakes turn out to be crucial in the future.

Here I am putting some light on the common blogging mistakes most bloggers make.

  • Not using related images or not using images at all
    Images play a vital role in enhancing the blog post & also it helps in seeking reader's attention. So try and spend some time in picking right images for your post.
  • Publish bad formatted posts
    A bad formatted post looks unprofessional. A well aligned post is easier to read as it helps in setting up the reading flow. So invest some of your time to format the post by setting up the alignment and to correct grammatical errors if any, before publishing.
  • Not consistent in publishing posts
    Not being consistent will make a blog look dead. Being consistent will help to sustain the readers as they will come back to your blog frequently.
  • Does not give importance to the headline
    A catchy headline will generate curiosity among the readers which will result in attracting more eyeballs. How  much time it takes to come up with a catchy headline? Try it.
  • Posting only promotional offers
    If you are a service provider, I can understand promoting services is a must but it should not be always about selling. This wont help in sustaining your blog readership.
  • Focusing on quantity and not quality
    I have seen a lot of bloggers who initially keep posting huge amount of short posts just to increase their post count. Make a habit of posting quality posts which will gain reader's trust & help in building a database of readers.
  • Write complex posts
    If your post is not easy to understand then be assured that your post will go unnoticed. Make sure to ease the reading experience. This will help the reader to understand your writing style & will help to build a connection
  • Do not optimize the blog
    You want more and more people to read your blog, that's why the whole blogging efforts? Right? Why avoid optimizing the blog? Optimizing your blog with right headline, tags & keywords will help search engines to pick your post easily and will help to increase the audience of your blog.
  • Do not respond to the comments
    If someone has commented on your post that means they have taken time from their schedule to read your post & to comment on it. Responding to these comments will make you look human & will also help in building a relationship with your readers. The readers will be assured that the blog they are reading is managed by a real person & not a bot.
  • Do not collect email addresses
    Don't you want to increase your regular reading audience? You are missing a lot by not having blog subscription widget on your blog. By having the subscription widget on your blog will result in fetching the email addresses of your readers & will help in delivering your posts right into their inbox.
  • Cross promoting the posts only once
    Today, social media plays a very important role when it comes to pushing the content to the audience present on social media. By cross promoting your blog posts more than once will help to increase the traffic of your blog which eventually will lead to more page views & your content being noticed by many.
  • Content is copied
    This is the worst thing to practice. Some bloggers simply pick the content from other bloggers & post it as if its created by them, just to save time & to increase the post count. If you are a blogger, try to research more, come up with new topics, develop your own style / niche which will help your blog to stand out from the competition.

I hope this post will make a difference in your future blogging attempts. If any assistance required, feel free to drop me a message.