Ghostcodes App Review: Discover Snapchat users easily

Suddenly these days you must be noticing a lot of people have started using Snapchat. Yes, Snapchat is becoming very popular among the youth & not to forget, brands. I also started to use Snapchat few months ago & was finding it tough to discover other Snapchat users. I started to follow people I know via other social networks but then that's it. I was not seeing much growth in my reach/views. Normally, what we all do is just cross promote our social profiles on other networks. This helps somehow.

Recently while surfing the web, I stumbled upon this app called "GhostCodes". Its a smart app which helps you find the best Snapchat users by name & interests. In simple words, you can call it as Snapchat Directory. Snapchat lacks severely when it comes to discovering other users on the basis of categories & interests. The resources are limited. And that's why GhostCodes wins. Its a free, user-friendly app which is available for iOS & Android users. Snapchat is not associated with GhostCodes but what the app does is help people find other Snapchat users based on name, categories & interests. The app also showcases featured GhostCodes users.

How to make the most out of GhostCodes?

  • Download the app (iPhone / Android)
  • Create your profile on the app

It is packed with certain features like:

  • Search
    You can easily find other users by their real name.
Ghostcodes Search.PNG
  • Interests
    Adding interests to your profile will help other people to find you & follow you. Also you will be able to search other users based on the interests.
  • Categories
    There are 40 various categories listed on GhostCodes. Every user gets the liberty to choose one suitable category for your profile. You can search for other users on the basis of categories & vice-versa.
  • Kudos
    This is metric used to measure ranking system on GhostCodes. Kudos is nothing but "like". More Kudos you receive, better your ranking gets within your category. The best way to get your profile discovered is by giving Kudos to other users.
  • Download Snapcodes
    Snapcodes can be easily downloaded from the user's profile if you want to follow that person on Snapchat & vice-versa.
  • Profile
    Profile is the place where you will be able to see how many Kudos you have received and from whom. It will also show how many people have downloaded your Snapcode.

After using this app for more than a week now, I am seeing a decent amount of growth in terms of followers & reach on Snapchat. Once you get your GhostCodes profile up, do not forget to give me a "Kudo" & do add me on Snapchat. You can search me by my name: "Nikhil Wad". If you happen to use GhostCodes after reading this post, do let me know your views.