How to create collections on Twitter

Those who are already on Twitter like me, tend to tweet and keep tweeting a lot. But some clever people (like me) do tend to collect some of their good tweets in one place. And most of the times they tend to create a new Twitter profile (No, I don't have a separate profile for my tweets archive) which they use as their tweets archive.


Do you know that we can gather tweets in one place without investing our time in managing a separate profile just for archiving our tweets? Well, yes!

The feature is called "Collections". As defined by Twitter, it is an editable group of tweets hand-selected by a Twitter user or programmatically managed via collection APIs. Each collection is public and has its own page on, making it easy to share and embed in your website and apps.

Thanks to TweetDeck, as creating collections on Twitter is not tough at all. All you have to do is follow some steps:

  • You’ll need to head over to TweetDeck.
  • After you login to your Twitter account via TweetDeck, you will see "+" icon on the left side which says "Add column".
  • Select "Collections" & a new column will be created on TweetDeck.
  • Add name & description to your collection & you are done.
  • You can start populating your collection by adding your tweets either by dragging the tweets on to the collection column or copy-paste the tweet url into "Enter Tweet url" space at the bottom of your collection column.
  • You can also embed the collection, view on Twitter or even post a tweet about your collection.

To make your collection more accessible to your followers, make sure you pin that tweet to your profile page.

So, when are you going to create your collection for your tweets archive?