Planning to host your own Twitter chat? This is what you need to know!

There is an ocean of Twitter chats (also known as TweetChat) out there on Twitter these days. Those who are on Twitter for a decent span, would agree with me.

Twitter chat is nothing but a virtual networking point where in people join in together at a decided time & converse on a certain topic/issue using the preset hashtag in every tweet. The moderator/s of the chat takes the charge by asking questions to the participants. Have you participated in any of the Twitter chats you came across? If not, its time to participate in those chats before you begin with your own Twitter chat.

Possible sources from where you can get the Twitter chat schedule are as follows:

Do take your own sweet time to participate in the chat & learn about how it functions. Once you are confident that you can now start your own Twitter chat, these are the things to be understood –

  • Make a list of possible hashtags you will want to use for your Twitter chat. When I meant options, narrow down atleast 3-5 hashtags you can think. Check their availability on Twitter by typing the hashtag in Twitter search bar. If you do not find any tweets under the results, that means that hashtag is available. Further pick the hashtag which you are comfortable & which is easy to remember from your list.
  • Setting up a schedule & duration of the chat is very important. Set a day & time which would be convenient for your target audience. There might be a possibility that your schedule might conflict with some other famous Twitter chat. Try to avoid that. Normally Twitter chat can be run for an hour.
  • A few days prior to your chat, start promoting the same in your tweets to create the buzz about the same. Make sure you pre-plan the topic & questions you want to discuss/ask within the duration of the chat. Avoiding having a long list of questions. A set of 8-10 questions per chat wont make people drowsy.
  • Why not consider special guests for a topical chat? This can be a great idea to bring a special guest on-board & allow people to ask the guest questions, interact with the guest. This will act as an advantage & be a mileage gainer for your chat.

Be polite in interacting with your participants, avoid selling your services/products. Inclusion of your hashtag is very important. Here are the tools which you can consider to manage your chat & will also help you to track the interactions under your chat hashtag  –

Post your chat, creating memories of every chat of yours would be a great idea. Isn’t it? For this you can use Storify. This is a great tool to bring all the tweets flow under one place & will act as a recap for you & your audience/chat participants.

I hope this will help you in taking decision of starting a Twitter chat of your own. So when are you starting your first Twitter chat?