How to pin a tweet & why you should do it

If you are an active Twitter user then by now you would have already figured out on how to pin a tweet. Well done! If not then here are few simple steps on how you can pin a tweet.

  • Go to your Twitter profile (From web or from the installed Twitter app).
  • Choose the tweet you would like to pin.
  • Click on the three dots below your tweet.
  • Select “Pin to your profile page”.

That's it. Its that simple. Isn't it? But many people are not aware of the benefits of a pinned tweet. Its one of the best hack you can implement in boosting your Twitter strategy. If you are a blogger then this is one of the quickest way to increase your blog traffic.

Normally when people visit your Twitter profile, they look at your profile photo, bio, header photo & few latest tweets posted by you. And if they find an interesting tweet in that lot then they would probably be engaging with that tweet either by retweeting, liking or would click on the link posted in that tweet. So make sure you pin an interesting tweet to catch their attention. If you want to experience by yourself then share any of your blog post on Twitter & then pin that tweet to your profile. Make sure you have the link incorporated.

My few cents: If you add a “+” at the end of the link you would be able to see the stats.

Tip: I would recommend that you keep changing your pinned tweet. I always maintain an excel sheet of my blog post tweets so that I can check the stats of that links and also it becomes easy to change the pinned tweet. Simply copy paste the tweet link in the sheet and whenever you feel like changing your pinned tweet, copy paste that link in your browser after login to your Twitter account & follow the steps I shared in this post on how to pin a tweet.

Happy pinning!