This is how you can manage Twitter lists via IFTTT

If you are on Twitter since long time then you must have figured out "Twitter lists" by now. If you follow too many people or you are looking forward to cope with the interactions with the people you know and don’t wish to miss any updates from them, then Twitter lists can be very useful. But managing several Twitter lists can be a tedious task. Agree? I had previously blogged about How to make the most out of Twitter lists?.


Twitter lists can be managed in an automated way. Yes! Thanks to IFTTT. It is a free web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called "recipes" which helps in automating web-application tasks. IFTTT is an abbreviation of "If This Then That".

When it comes to Twitter lists, I use these 2 recipes on IFTTT extensively.

  • Whenever someone mentions you or interacts with you, that person is automatically added to the list. So if you want to bring all those people who interact with you under one list, this recipe is perfect.
  • If you participate in tweetchats a lot, then you can add all those participants under one list. How cool, isn't it? There is this recipe on IFTTT which helps you to add the hashtag in the recipe & it adds all those people who tweet with that hashtag under one list. I do participate in some select tweetchats & this recipe helps me to bring all the tweetchat participants under one list. Not only tweetchats, if you are attending certain event or want to connect with those attending the event, then this recipe is just perfect.

These recipes will indeed save some of your time which you would invest in managing Twitter lists. These are just 2 recipes out of many on IFTTT related to Twitter. If you keep exploring IFTTT then you would come across many recipes.

Happy exploring & yes, managing Twitter lists too!