Simple ways to grow your email subscribers list

If you have a blog then your at-most concern will be how you are going to attract traffic to it? Correct? One of the ways is via social media. You must have heard a lot of bloggers saying "Keep sharing your blog posts on your social media profiles frequently". Well, I also recommend the same & I do the same too. Its no harm in sharing your own blog posts with your friends on social networking profiles. But yes, do not spam by sharing way too many posts in less span of time.

But still, is that traffic enough? Don't you want your blog posts to reach out to as many people, grow your reading audience & build a regular readership of your blog? Another possible way to increase your blog's traffic & to build a regular readership of your blog is via email subscribers. Building an email list is very important these days, specially when the competition is rising. But first, lets understand its importance. You share your blog posts on social media profiles, your friends, their friends and many others visit your blog, read & share. This is how the chain grows. But what is the guarantee that these visitors will keep coming back to read your blog frequently? Hence converting these visitors into frequent readers is a must. This can only be tackled via convincing them to subscribe to your newsletter.

If you ask any famous bloggers about the source of their blog's traffic, their answer will be, via search engine (Google) & email subscribers (newsletter). There are various WordPress plugins which helps in growing email subscribers & also the blog's traffic eventually.

WordPress by default has its own subscription option under its Jetpack feature. So be it on a self-hosted or you can integrate the same on your blog. Also a newsletter is a safe option. To maintain the harmony, you can send out a monthly newsletter to your subscribers.

Here I share some of the WordPress plugins which I have tested (If you are on a self-hosted WordPress platform then these plugins will be an icing on the cake. These plugins come in free & paid options & mind it, their paid options are not expensive.

  • MailMunch (Its my favorite - Free & Paid option available) 
    MailMunch is an amazing plugin which has various types of opt-in form options such as Popover, Embedded, Topbar & Scrollbox. The free plan allows 1 website integration, unlimited forms. The paid plans starts from 3 websites to unlimited websites integration. And yes, the free plan allows you to add more than one field to your email subscriber form apart from the email address field. Further, it also allows you to choose whether you want to show the subscriber form to desktop, mobile or tablet users.
  • SumoMe (Free & paid option available)
    SumoMe not only has email subscribing feature but also has various other features like social sharing, heat maps, welcome gate, analytics, image sharer, contact form & so on.
  • Icegram (Free & paid option available)
    Icegram plugin has options like pop-up, headers bars, messengers / scroll boxes, footers bars. Its easy to customize & integrate straight from the WordPress admin. No hassle.
  • Hello Bar - My favorite (Free & paid option available)
    Apart from email subscriber form,  Hello Bar also allows you to point visitors to your latest deal, bargain, or giveaway, encourage mobile visitors to give you a call & helps in expanding your social reach to maximize word of mouth.

Now you will ask me, all this is fine but which is the best newsletter service? There are many to be honest. But after testing a few, I have settled with MailChimp. Its user friendly, easy to manage & mainly their free plan allows a limit of 2,000 subscribers & 12,000 emails per month.

As per my experience, MailMunch & MailChimp is the best combo. Are you ready to boost your email subscribers list? Better late than never. If any assistance required, feel free to get in touch with me.