When it comes to blog's visual appeal, keep it simple

I am blogging for a decent amount of years now & when it comes to blog's look & feel, I have always preferred simplicity over the cluttered look.

If you see this blog, you will find:

  • The background is white
    The white background helps in emphasizing the content & the blog sections. Ultimately the content becomes hero.

  • No excess amount of banners around
    Too many banners distracts the visitor & the content goes unnoticed. More importantly I have avoided flashy banners too. Hence, once again the efforts are for the content to get noticed.
  • The sidebar is not cluttered
    Usage of many widgets in the sidebar distracts the reading experience. Add only important widgets to the sidebar like: Recent posts, top posts, blog subscription, social media profile icons, categories, rss feeds & one banner.

But why one should keep it simple?

  • When it comes to reading, it will help in setting up the reading flow & will not confuse the reader. Ultimately you want your readers to grasp the content of your blog & not dance to your flashy banners & get distracted, right?
  • It will also help in reducing the bounce rate of your blog. If your readers find too many flashy distractions, trust me they will close the browser tab & move on.

Do share your blog links with me so I can have a look at its visual appeal & can recommend you some tweaks to enhance its visual appeal.