Why your Facebook updates are not getting any responses

If you are on Facebook & also very much active in posting updates on it, then many at times you will be wondering why your updates are not getting any responses. Why the updates aren't getting enough likes, comments & shares? Right? It happens many at times. Nowadays its very difficult to get eyeballs on Facebook updates if you do not have decent amount of friends/likes on your profile/page respectively.

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You also be wondering that some people's updates get great amount of responses despite having less friends/likes on their respective profile/page. There can be many reasons to this & some of them would be as follows:

  • People are unable to relate with what you post
    If you are able to connect with a post while you are scrolling the timeline, won't you be responding to it either by liking, commenting or sharing it? Its all about connection you see.
  • Content might be boring
    Its simple! Nowadays people are mostly on social media & are always in the process of consuming content. If you are not posting anything unique, interesting, then there is a fair chance that people are finding your content very boring. Be creative, be unique & come up with your own ideas, updates.
  • You chose a wrong time
    Time also plays a vital role when it comes to posting your updates. Its very important to learn about people you interact with on Facebook. Try to get an idea about when they are online. If you post updates when people are asleep then what's the use?
  • You might be spamming
    Calm down! Are you being chased by a ferocious tiger or are you held at a gunpoint? If you are posting way too many updates in less span of time, then people are going to ignore your updates. Frequency matters. Try to pace out your updates.

It is not a rocket science. Try to invest some time in learning about people you interact with on your Facebook profile/page & avoid making these mentioned mistakes. You shall see the difference!