WordPress or Blogger? Which one is better?

When it comes to blogging, so many people have asked me & still they do ask me these questions "WordPress or Blogger? Which one should I use? Which one is better?" To be honest, there are various options when it comes to blogging platforms. 


So coming back to the topic, WordPress & Blogger are two blogging platforms which are commonly used by most of the bloggers. If you ask any professional blogger whether to choose WordPress or Blogger, answer will be WordPress. To be honest, I started blogging on Blogger platform first, just to get the hold of blogging. Then slowly graduated to WordPress.com & then finally moved to self-hosted WordPress platform.

Why Blogger?
Blogger is a good platform for amateurs because it doesn't require that technical knowledge & its free. There is a myth that Blogger being a product from Google, it has SEO benefits. Even though Blogger is a Google's product, it does not give an advantage when it comes down to search engine visibility. Search engine visibility depends upon how you craft the blog post, title, description & meta tags inclusion. Blogger also does not give that freedom to play around with the platform in terms of tweaking as per our requirement. Hence the limitations.

So if you are that someone who wants to start blogging to get the hold of it as a hobby & don't want to worry about the technical aspects, tweaking & monetizing then Blogger is your option.

Why WordPress?
Self-hosted WordPress platform gives complete control & freedom when it comes to playing around with its technical aspects, themes, design, widgets & plugins. It gives that freedom of tweaking the blog as per our needs & the liberty to do anything & everything with it. With the help of SEO plugins it allows us to make the blog search engine friendly which ultimately helps in increasing the search engine traffic.

So if you are that someone who has been blogging as a hobby & now wants to professionally take up blogging, explore the monetizing benefits, then its time for you to switch to self hosted WordPress platform. Of-course, self-hosted WordPress option does not comes for free. You will have to pay for the domain & web hosting services. But the freedom & satisfaction you will get in tweaking your blog as per your requirement, will be phenomenal. And more importantly you will be having the control of the blog & the images as they will stored on your hosted server. If you are not sure about spending but are keen to explore WordPress platform then go for WordPress.com option. It also has the paid plans but opt in for the free plan. Your blog, images will be hosted on their server.

I hope this will help you take the decision in choosing the blogging platform. If not & still you may have any doubts, feel free to drop me a message.