Fab Box Review: Making crave-worthy healthy snacks

When was the last time you had an healthy snack when you felt hungry between your meals? What do you normally do when you feel hungry between the meals, especially when you are at work or traveling? You too end up eating some junk food just like me? Be it at work, traveling or even if am at home, I always end up eating some junk food when I feel hungry between the meals. Few days ago I was just scrolling my Twitter timeline & came across Fab Box. Its an healthy snack subscription service which strives to make crave-worthy snacks very healthy.

I know there are many services like Fab Box but for the first time I decided to give a try to such snack subscription box service. After a few time of stalking their Twitter & Facebook profiles, I landed up on their website. Their user-friendly website helped me to get an overall idea about their snack options & the subscription plans. It was good to see wide variety of snack options in Nuts, Health Bars, Roasted Nut Mix, Real Fruit Chews, Nature Baked Cookies on their website.

Since it was my first time, I decided to go with their trial box. We can choose from their snack options to make our own snack box of 5 snacks or else we can go for their Surprise Fab Box in which they pick the snack items for us. I decided to go for the Surprise Fab Box. Knowing that each snack comes in an average of 150gms pack, the pricing seemed to be decent.

Their subscription plans goes like this:

Trial Box - Rs. 999.00 (Free delivery) One box of 5 snacks of 150 gms each + 1 bonus snack pack.

3 Months Subscription - Rs. 2,849.00 (Free delivery) One box of 5 snacks of 125-200 gms each + bonus snack pack per month. Total 3 Fab Boxes.

6 Months Subscription - Rs. 5,399.00 (Free delivery) One box of 5 snacks of 125-200 gms each + bonus snack pack per month. Total 6 Fab Boxes.

After placing my order for the Trial box, I received a call from their in-house chef to know about my eating preferences, diet, allergies if any, taste preferences since that was my first order with them. Its their protocol to understand the customer's preferences & choices before they send the order. In 24 hours I did received my box which was a surprise to me because I had placed my order on a Friday noon & the box landed at my doorstep on Saturday itself.

So what was in the box?

  • Dried Blackberries
  • Honey Roasted Almonds
  • Almond Bar
  • Soya Nuts
  • Fox Nuts

The snack packs came in a decently packaged box. The individual snack packs were travel friendly & came in with all the required description regarding that specific snack on the pack. It was good to see the packs were reusable & easy to carry.


  • Wide variety of snacks to choose
  • The snacks are healthy
  • No use of artificial colors, sweeteners, harmful chemicals & fried items
  • Supports fair trade


  • The snacks are addictive in a good way

It was a good experience right from the beginning. To munch on these healthy snacks between the meals rather than ending up eating junk food, Fab Box seemed to be worth it.

Burp-O-Meter: 4.5/5