I am a social media marketing professional & a content marketer by profession. I come from the Applied Arts (Advertising & Design) background. I started my career as a graphic designer/ visualizer & after having a decent amount of experience in advertising agencies, I made a switch to social media marketing which indeed had caught my attention during its early days.

The journey with my previous companies like Rare Illusions, Samsan Travels, Eggfirst, Adventure Advertising as a graphic designer was phenomenal & I got to learn a lot during the tenure. Also, my journey with LIQVD ASIA, Laqshya Media Group, PitchVision, Digiterz as a social media manager was something that I will keep cherishing my whole life.

And now, with Logically it's yet another interesting chapter where every day I feel blessed for being able to support the fight against the spread of misinformation. I manage social media marketing & content for India region. Logically is an AI-powered news app that helps you combat fake news!


The app gives you access to the largest team of dedicated fact-checkers on the planet which will help you to determine whether or not that particular bit of information is reliable and send you a short report that you can share with your friends, so you can do your part to fight misinformation.


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